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The LPW-1525/TK120X-N combines the torque limiting features of the TK120 Tor-Key and LPW1525 Loadbreak Probe Wrench with an added V-Groove and cross hole in the handle providing neutral winding capability used in removal of the outer jacket. The Tor-Key has a preset torque of 120 in. lbs. and rotated until the Tor-Key "clicks", indicating that the preset torque value has been reached. The LPW1525 Loadbreak Probe Wrench is designed to provide a means of preventing probe arc follower contamination and other damage. It holds the loadbreak probe for positioning into the threaded eye of the elbow crimp connector.
LPW1525/TK120XN Torquing Probe Wrench w/ Neutral Winder
Available Models and Accessories
LPW1525/TK120X-N - Combination Tool with Neutral Winder(all 15kV & 25kV elbows and Elastimold 35kV elbows)
  • Prevents elbow probe arc follower contamination and breakage
  • Preset torque limiter takes guesswork out of elbow probe/connector tightening
  • Neutral Winder reduces neutral wire breakage while removing cable jacket

  • General Cable Prep Process
    LPW Probe Wrench Operating Video
    LPW Neutral Winder Operating Video
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