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The LPW-1525/TK120X-N combines the torque limiting features of the TK120 Tor-Key and LPW1525 Loadbreak Probe Wrench with an added V-Groove and cross hole in the handle providing neutral winding capability used in removal of the outer jacket. The Tor-Key has a preset torque of 120 in. lbs. and rotated until the Tor-Key "clicks", indicating that the preset torque value has been reached. The LPW1525 Loadbreak Probe Wrench is designed to provide a means of preventing probe arc follower contamination and other damage. It holds the loadbreak probe for positioning into the threaded eye of the elbow crimp connector.
Available Models and Accessories
LPW1525/TK120X-N - Combination Tool with Neutral Winder(all 15kV & 25kV elbows and Elastimold 35kV elbows)
LPW Probe Wrench Operating Video
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LPW Neutral Winder Operating Video
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Cable Prep w/ 1542-2CL, 1700SS,
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LPW1525/TK120XN Torquing Probe Wrench w/ Neutral Winder
  • Prevents elbow probe arc follower contamination and breakage
  • Preset torque limiter takes guesswork out of elbow probe/connector tightening
  • Neutral Winder reduces neutral wire breakage while removing cable jacket

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