Quality American-Made Tools for Installing Power Cable Systems
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Cable O.D. Range 1/2" - 1-3/4" (12.7 - 44.5 mm)
The 1542-2CL Series Stripper is designed to remove PE, XLP, EPR and other types of insulation from high voltage power cable.
1542-2CL Series Stripper
Available Models and Accessories
1542-2CL - Speed StripperTool with Wedge Blade Installed, spare Straight Blade
1542-2CL-1 - Speed StripperTool with Wedge Blade installed, spare Wedge Blade
1542-2CL-2 - Speed StripperTool with Straight Blade installed, spare Straight Blade
1562 - Wedge Blade (XLP)
1581 - Straight Blade (EPR)
1650X - Tool Stop
1590X - Small cable adapter for cables 5/16 - 1/2 inch (8.0 - 12.7 mm)
1646X - Scale gauge measures stripback
2689 - Chamfering Tool/Scale Gauge(2672 Replacement Chamfering Blade)
  • Strips Cable insulation
  • Precise blade depth adjustment
  • Maximizes reliability of installation
  • Provides greater speed and increased safety
  • No bushings required

  • Operating Video
    Changing the Stripping Blade
    Cable Prep
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