Quality American-Made Tools for Installing Power Cable Systems
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Speed Systems has been manufacturing quality, field-tested products for over 45 years. Our tools are designed and built in our manufacturing facility in Brookfield, WI. We focus on safety, efficiency, ergonomics and value as we design and build tools to meet specific customer needs. We offer solutions for preparing primary and secondary cable for termination, as well as products for installing specific cable system components. We take pride in supplying high quality tools and look forward to working with you on your specific applications or needs.
The Model 2750-DO Drill Operated Secondary Cable Stripper is designed to end-strip 600V cable. No bushings are required to adjust the tool to varying cable diameters and insulation thickness.
The Model 2900-LS is a Stick-Operable Aerial Tree Wire/Spacer Cable Stripper that performs both end strip and mid-span strips on 5kV, 15kV, 25kV and 35kV Aerial Tree Wire and Spacer Cable.
The SAT is designed to ease installation and assembly of molded rubber splice components. Available with 3/4" inch hex drive or combination 3/4"/3/8" hex drive.
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